More Britney Dating Rumors

Everybody wants Britney Spears to hook up with somebody it seems and she can’t even be spotted with someone of the opposite gender and not have people whispering about it. Now reports are coming out that she may be dating her choreographer, Sandip Soparrkar. The two apparently became close while he worked with her on her video for “Womanizer” and she likes him so much that she even chose to spend 3 days over the holidays with him on a romantic holiday. From Gossip Girls,

“According to a inside source, the 27-year-old pop singer is well on her way to an international romance with the Bollywood instructor. “It’s early days yet but their romance is going from strength to strength. Britney and Sandip tried to keep their trip to India a secret as they are determined to have a relationship just like any other couple.”

The source continued, “Sandip is very down to earth and keeps Britney grounded. He is also quite spiritual and sensitive, which is a side of him she adores.”

And over Christmas, Brit and Sandip enjoyed a romantic date together. “For Christmas, Sandip – or Sandy as Britney calls him – presented her with a traditional Indian sari. She wore it during a candlelit dinner. The pair were whispering and giggling all night. Sandip ordered local delicacies such as chicken tikka and cottage cheese curry. They were really cute together.”

Britney has got to realize by now that no matter who she is with or how low-key they keep things, she is never going to have a relationship like a normal couple ever again and any man that is with her needs to realize the same thing. However, maybe she could if she really settled down with someone serious and kept drama out of things for a little while. Then she may have a chance that people will become bored with the relationship but even that possibility is very small. But since ‘Sandy’ does sound very tame and non-intense, this could be a good thing for Britney. I do think that she’s had enough time to recover and her health has made a vast improvement over the past year. If she thinks it’s time to move on and find someone to share things with, someone like Sandip may just be the right person to do that with.

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#1 kennzy on 01.08.09 at 4:36 am

wow really i happy 4 britney even i am a huge of her i love her so much and she sensation and bright girl she sings a amazing and even she has 2 kids and a single mother i am so happy that britney has a date
britney i love u so much

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