Kevin Bacon Might be Broke

Bernie Madoff, who is a big Wall Street guru, was charged just recently on December 11 for fraud and it seems that among others such as Steven Spielberg, Kevin Bacon and his wife, Kyra Sedgwick may be the most recent victims of his crimes. Madoff was involved in a Ponzi scheme, which is collecting money from investors and […]

More Britney Dating Rumors

Everybody wants Britney Spears to hook up with somebody it seems and she can’t even be spotted with someone of the opposite gender and not have people whispering about it. Now reports are coming out that she may be dating her choreographer, Sandip Soparrkar. The two apparently became close while he worked with her on her […]

Angelina Told another Pregnancy may be Unsafe

Madonna dating someone who’s new, young, and a porn star?