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I really don’t know who isn’t sick to death just yet of the whole Samantha Ronson/Lindsay Lohan/Michael Lohan ordeal but I’m getting tired of all the media whores that are constantly cropping up on the scene and these are 3 people that just won’t quit. Lindsay recently blogged about just finding out that her daddy is also someone else’s daddy and she never knew that before. Why something like this is being taken to ablog when Lindsay has said in the past that she wants people out of her personal life, I’m not too sure. Samantha, Lindsay’s girlfriend then gets dragged into it when Michael, Lindsay’s dad, accuses Sam of writing the post and not really his daughter. Of course, Sam can’t let that rest and is now denying any such accusation. Seriously?!? Who has time for these stupid tantrums and making sure that the last word is always yours? From Celebrity Dirty Laundry,

“Michael fired back, admitting he believed there was a “99 per cent chance” the posting was actually written by Ronson. But the Sam has laughed off the claim, insisting it was indeed written by Lindsay. She tells New York gossip column, “Ha! That’s funny, but I don’t ghost-write MySpace blogs. Good thing he left that one per cent window open so he wasn’t 100 per cent wrong for once.”

I had many doubts that Sam was behind anything written on Lindsay’s blog but Michael also didn’t stop there. He then starts talking about the truce that he and his daughter have – which I also find extremely difficult to believe seeing as how Lindsay has made it quite clear that she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. From US,

“There is a truce between Lindsay and I, so please stop adding any fuel to the fire,” he blogged on his new official site,, Monday.
“I respectfully ask that all sources, so called friends and mouthpieces refrain from any more comments or suggestions on her blog,” he wrote.”

I love how he asks people to stop talking on her blog, since that’s exactly what blogs are for and really, he’s the one who’s always added fuel to the fire and if he wants the sparks to die down some, he may want to shut his trap and try fading into the background for a little while. And I used to be on Linday’s side in all of this but it seems to me that she could also use a lesson in keeping certain things to herself.

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