Why I Hate Jamie Spears

There’s something that really bothers me about Jamie Spears and that’s the fact that he is constantly cashing in on the fact that he is helping his daughter, Britney Spears, get better. First he gets paid so much money that he’s able to quit his full-time job. He got paid all of that money to take care of his daughter. Now the courts have awarded him $50,000 in back pay. For taking care of his daughter. Does no one else really see anything wrong with this? I will be the first to give Jamie Spears all the credit in the world for being such an integral part of Britney’s recovery but she wasvery sick and she is his daughter! If she didn’t have more money than God and wasn’t famous, I’d like to believe that he still would have helped her and not expected a big fat paycheck in return. From Celebitchy,

“Britney’s father Jamie, long credited for helping his daughter regain the sobriety and body shape required to reach mass appeal again, got an extra $51k from his daughter this Christmas. The court awarded him the money as back pay for overtime and increased work, which brings his value to around $75 per hour, or $16,125 per month retroactively. Jamie Spears will also get another $1,200 a month to rent an office.

Britney’s brother Bryan Spears is going to receive a whopping $200,000 for work he did for his sister before the conservatorship. Bryan is a co-trustee of Britney’s estate along with an attorney.”

Jamie Spears stands at the head of a long line of people, namely family members, who are always holding out their hands trying to make some money off of Brit and it just sickens me that her dad actually makes money off of helping her. Britney herself doesn’t seem bothered by the arrangement so I guess it might not be like how it appears to the public but I just wonder how many other parents are getting backpay and money for office rentals for helping their kids out when they need it the most.

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#1 dani on 12.26.08 at 5:30 am

Although to outsiders it may seem weird that he gets paid, that is pretty normal when someone gives up their job to be a caretaker under these circumstances. The amount of compensation depends on how much money the person needing the caretaking has. Is it excessive? Who knows since we don’t have his expenditures to look at and analyze. I believe he gave up a job where he was making six figures a year if I remember correctly. Plus since he is a court approved conservator he needs to keep track of his hours just like he would if he were a time clock punching rug rat.
Is it fair? Well, Britany is better. So I guess if you look at it that way–it is money well spent.

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