Say It Isn’t So!

It must be difficult to not only be a celebrity but to be a celebrity and also have your sibling be a celebrity must make for one messed up relationship. When Ashlee Simpson first exploded onto the music scene, it seemed as though she was determined to prove that she was nothing like her older sis, Jessica Simpson. She died her hair jet-black and sang songs that were much different than the love ballads her sis was belting out. But now the rumor tables have turned and it’s being said that it’s actually Jess that now wants to be like Ash. In the way that she would also like to get married and have babies. Of course, Jessica and Tony Romo, her serious boyfriend have had their fair share of pregnancy rumors to deal with but the fact that this one is questioning whether Jessica is pregnant but just saying that she wants to be very soon, has me worried that this could in fact, be true. From Entertainment and Show Biz,

“Popstar Jessica Simpson, who is currently dating American football star Tony Romo, is reportedly desperate to get married in Texas and start a family soon.
The ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ hitmaker wants to tie the knot and have a baby – just like little sister Ashlee Simpson.
“Jessica recently sat Tony down for a baby talk. Unlike Ashlee, Jessica doesn’t want to get pregnant and then get married. She’s a little more traditional, so she’d like to marry Tony first and then get pregnant, ideally on their honeymoon,” a pal of Jessica’s told Touch Weekly magazine.
“She wants to get engaged in early 2009, married in Texas in the summer and get pregnant soon after,” the pal added.
It has also been reported that Jessica is certain that Tony would propose her over Christmas, reports China Daily.”

It’s never a good idea to get your hopes up about something so huge but it is Jessica Simpson that we’re talking about. This whole pretty picture that she seems to have in her head does seem naive and idiotic but again, it’s Jessica Simpson that we’re talking about. I predict that she will not get engaged over the holidays and that she does not get pregnant any time soon. But that may just be my own wishful thinking. I’m really hoping that Jessica Simpson doesn’t produce spawn. Ever.

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