Lance Armstrong to be a Dad Again

Lance Armstrong has been known to be a bit of a player recently, first being linked to Sheryl Crow and then hooking up with Kate Hudson this past summer. It seems as though that hot, hot, hot relationship may have fizzled because Lance had once again found someone new. Well, this one may be a bit harder to walk away from when he gets bored as he and his new love, Anna Hansen, are said to have been dating quietly since July. Hmmm…heand Kate broke up right at the end of July. Now that’s interesting. From Celebrity Baby Scoop,

“Perez Hilton is reporting that Lance Armstrong is going to be a daddy for the fourth time!

“Lance and Anna [Hansen] have been quietly dating since July,” a source told him. “They met through Lance’s charity work. Anna works at a non-profit for cancer survivors.”

The two are said to be “thrilled” with the baby news.

CNN has confirmed the news through Lance’s charitable organization, the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The baby is due in June.

The baby was not planned, but “they couldn’t be happier,” according to a source.”

Well congratulations to them although there is a cloud of scandal around this one, which is always unfortunate when a child is involved. It is amazing that Lance is able to father a child naturally with his history of chemotherapy and the fact that not many cancer survivors, let alone testicular cancer survivors, can have children. I’m torn when I think about Armstrong. He’s a hottie, there’s no doubt and he does have a story that is filled with such hope, and he does many good things for charity. But, there is always that question mark over his head that makes you wonder about him. How could he have possibly won 7 Tour de Frances without the help of steroids? And how could he have possibly done right by Kate Hudson when he was dating this woman either while he was still with Kate or the day after they broke up, which seems unlikely. See, I want to like him but it’s getting harder.

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