And He’ll Say it Again!

Jermaine Dupri, Janet Jackson’s boyfriend and rumored father of her child, went to his blog once again to destroy rumors that Janet was pregnant. These two aren’t new to these types of rumors but just recently, people have been barraging them with questions and looking for Janet’s bump after she cancelled her tour, which was then automatically assumed was because she was pregnant. Jermaine then gave an interview to US in which he stated in no uncertain terms that Janet was not pregnant. So it was confusing when just on the heels of that interview, Life & Style ran a cover story which claimed that Janet was pregnant and was telling everyone except the press. From US, 

“Dupri wrote: “To all the Janet fans, As you all know Janet is a very private person. The only reason you see her, as much as you do on my YouTube vlog, is because of me lol. But I hear ya’ll and your questions. So hear [sic] you have it… No she is not pregnant and yes we’re still together.”
“It baffles me how ya’ll let these blog and magazines control your lifes [sic]. That’s why I created so when ever hear s— about me you…can come right here and get the truth,” he added.
But that doesn’t mean Jackson, 42, and Dupri, 36, aren’t excited to start a family in the future.

“I’d love to have children,” the singer told Us earlier. “It’s just up to Jermaine, what he wants to do.”

This is really a very disappointing story. First, it’s nice to know that Jermaine thinks that his and well, mostly Janet’s fans, can be so easily controlled by blogs and magazines. It’s also nice to see that he thinks the only reason Janet makes any headlines at all is because of him. I’m sorry, what does he even do again? Then it’s so disappointing to hear Janet talking about how when they have a family is all up to Jermaine and what he wants to do. I really thought she was stronger than allowing a man to dictate when things happen. Especially a man that sounds like such an ass.

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