Kate Walsh may have had Private Practices of her Own

After it was announced just a week ago that Kate Walsh, who stars in the hit medical drama, Private Practice, and her husband, Alex Young, had called it quits on their marriage, it turns out that the reasons may be more than a simple case of a marriage that happened too fast, as we all had thought. It seems as though Kate’s job of being a big TV star just takes up far too much of her time and more importantly, so does her co-star, David Sutcliffe. There are no actual allegations of an affair but the undertone is there. From Celebitchy,

“Yet, just a week after Katherine’s Nov. 15 bash, Kate and hubby Alex Young called it quits, according to divorce papers he filed in Los Angeles. So what went wrong in such a short time?

Friends say one of the main reasons is Kate’s growing closeness with David Sutcliffe, the divorced hunk who plays her love interest on her Grey’s Anatomy spin-off.

As Kate’s character and David’s character have grown closer, so have the actors. “Kate really likes David, and knowing that didn’t help Alex’s fragile ego,” a friend of the actress said. “Kate and David had a real connection playing lovers on the show, and she didn’t seem to have that with her own husband.”

Kate’s determination to keep her struggling show alive meant spending more time at the “office,” regularly working 16-hour days on the show. Much of her time was spent with David, 39, who just became a regular on the show.

“Kate was too busy working – she hardly even saw Alex anymore,” says the source. “She looked forward to being on the set and really liked where the show’s storyline was taking her. But then, who wouldn’t with a co-star like David?”

A second source adds, “She’s one of those people who needs constant male attention.” And he gave it to her. “She spent a lotof time in her trailer with David.”

I have no idea how much time stars spend in their trailers when they’re on a job but I would imagine it’s a lot. I can also see why one would choose to spend their time in the trailer with their closest friends on the set. I can also see how that could pose major problems for the spouse that is left at home wondering just what the hell is going on. It seems that celebrities really may be in a no-win situation. Some say that they can’t date within ‘the scene’ because of conflicting schedules and so little time for each other, not to mention the hayday that the press has with it. On the other hand, how fair is it to the non-famous spouse who now forever lives in this person’s shadow and just has to accept that sometimes, their spouse’s job requires them to make out half-naked with other people. I don’t blame her husband for feeling this way and if she’s really not having an affair, then I feel badly for Kate as well. She doeshave a job to do and it’s no secret that celebrities work long hours. On the other hand, if she’s a cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eater, I hope Alex takes her for all he can! Which won’t even be much considering they were only married for a little over a year and she probably had prenups up the wazoo.

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