Jodie Sweetin Loses Her Daughter

It’s always so heartbreaking when a parent loses their child and in the case of Jodie Sweetin, it’s because she just can’t seem to beat her addictions. It was sad enough when Sweetin announced in November that she had filed for separation from her husband, Cody Herpin and with their 8-month-old daughter so new to the family, I really hoped that this was one of those cases whereit was completely amicable, they both still loved each other, and that it may still happen sometime in the future. I know, it was a dream but this family seemed full of so much with Jodie recovering from her meth problems and the new baby coming, it all seemed to be so great. Unfortunately, the separation has turned ugly because Herpin has deemed Sweetin to be an unfit mother. And for the time being, it seems as though that’s just the case. From Celebrity Baby Scoop,

“A judge has ruled that Jodie is now no longer allowed to see her 8-month-old daughter without supervision. A doctor took the stand in court today and claimed that Jodie had recently fallen off the wagon. However, he also confirmed Jodie has been in touch with her sponsor and is attending AA meetings. The doctor said she does not believe the baby is at risk at the moment.

Cody Herpin’s lawyer released the following statement: “It’s primarily alcohol [abuse] but there’s also concern regarding methamphetamines.”

Addiction runs rampant in Hollywood but it’s most sad when you see a family torn apart by it. Hopefully this is what Jodie needs to finally kick her habits and get her life straightened out once and for all. Maybe we all can hope to see this family get back together again one day after all.

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