Pitt Puts Himself Back in the News

It seems as though whenever people stop talking about Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie for a minute or two, they seem to come up with all these stories that put them back into the headlines. So when there’s an onslaught of stupid non-news surrounding this now-boring-but-still-cheating couple, you can bet it’s because they have reprimanded their reps for letting the murmur die down. The first story comes from US and please take note of the stupid thing that Jolie’s reps said and then take note of the stupid thing Brad said. From US,

“Star magazine reports the couple signed the big bucks agreement before a planned walk down the aisle to detail what will happen to their property, finances and children if they split. The magazine also continues to report that Jolie is pregnant.
But a rep for Jolie tells MomLogic.com: “There is no truth to any of these claims.”

Pitt once swore off marriage until it was legalized for everyone, but admitted earlier this month he’d wed Jolie “if we feel it’s important to our kids.”

Now, I don’t know. It seems to me as though if you’re a celebrity and want to deny rumors, that’s understandable but you can’t spend all your time blasting apart every story. This one’s just stupid and meaningless so who cares? What’s more – I hadn’t even heard the original story when I read the denial and I still have yet to come across the false claim. But these people need to knock it down just to make headlines once again. And when Brad Pitt made the grand proclamation that he would not marry until it was legal for everyone, it was in 2006. He and Jennifer Aniston were divorced in 2005. Which means they were married. Which means that Brad had already been married when he said that. Hmm….

Another story that I hadn’t heard before the Jolie-Pitts were tearing apart those vicious lies, was that an ambulance actually did not visit their home. This story doesn’t even tell us anything! Just, ‘Yep, no, that didn’t happen…thanks though, we’re all doing fine.’ Please! This reeks of publicity stunt. From Celebrity Dirty Laundry,

“Rumours of an ambulance going to Brad Pitt’s house have been greatly exaggerated. Despite many reports, TMZ is reporting that an ambulance did not pick up someone from Brad Pitt’s L.A. residence the call was made from a neighbor’s house. Brad’s rep has confirmed everyone in his house is okay!”

Yep, see, that’s all. No, there’s no talk of why a neighbor would mistake another vehicle for an ambulance or what exactly is the ‘exaggeration?’ Did they come and just not take anyone away? Was it all in Angie’s head? Did she take it a little too far with those knives? Please. This is one of the stupidest stories I’ve ever heard. 

Oh, wait. I forgot about this one. The one where Brad talks about how he’s just too damn famous for his own good. No, I’m not kidding. That’s exactly what he says, although it may be in different words. From Contact Music,

“The actor faced the daunting task of playing a man ageing backwards in new film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
And although he’s thankful for the opportunities his fame provides, Pitt insists being a mega movie star can overshadow the intense preparation required for actors taking on difficult parts.
He says, “I think celebrity gets in the way. If you’re not fully valued it’s easy to surprise. It’s really nice. It sets you up to surprise people. There are pluses and minuses. It’s a card game really. Celebrity can cloud what you’re doing.
“If I know the degree of difficulty I’m taking on, or someone else is taking on in their respected role, and that’s not always seen usually, it can be avalanched by celebrity itself. But believe me man, I’m enjoying it. I feel quite fortunate.”

There’s nothing that I hate more than celebrities that whine in any way, shape or form about how life turned out for them. And then to throw in so tritely that he feels so fortunate. Give me a break. Why don’t you surprise people by being a good person, Brad? One who doesn’t have to buy their ‘good’ name or raise a football team to try and ease their guilt? Yep, I betcha that one would really knock em off their seats.

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