Are JLo and Marc in Trouble?

I don’t understand these stars that feel as though they need to go out making public appearances and putting on this grand show of love every time that a rumor comes out that their coupledom is in trouble. Sarah Jessica and Matthew Broderick have done it, Madonna and Guy Ritchie have done it, and now Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are doing it. I hadn’t even heard yet the story that their marriage was in trouble when I read this piece that they have been trying to make the obligatory appearances to assure everyone that they’re okay. But there’s something about this story that really has me thinking that this story could really be true. From US,

“Multiple sources confirm to to Us Weekly their marriage is at a breaking point.

“They both didn’t wear their rings on purpose,” a mutual pal of the married couple of four years (who renewed their vows in October) tells Us. “Nothing Jennifer does is without purpose.”

WhileAnthony’s rep insists to Us, “They are doing great,” a source tells Us deep trouble has been brewing.

“He’s very, very controlling of her,” a close Anthony pal tells Us. “The skirts aren’t as short. You don’t see so much of that booty anymore.” The new Us Weekly also reports that Anthony also picks out Lopez’s clothes and keeps tabs on her phone calls.

But Lopez — who once claimed she “loved getting his opinions” — has become less interested in his approval since the birth of their 10-month-old twins, Max and Emme.

“She walks in from work, washes her hands and grabs the babies,” a longtime friend tells Us. “With him, it’s almost like, ‘Ugh, they’re crying again?’”

Another problem: Lopez — who once commanded $15 million per film — “blames Marc for her career going down the tubes,” says a mutual pal, adding that she’s bitter about the failure of their 2006 drama, El Cantante, which only grossed $7.5 million. (Her 2002 flick Maid in Manhattan earned over $94 million.)

“Jennifer looked around and said, ‘This is my life now? I’m a Long Island housewife?’” a pal says. “She hates that everything she worked for went down the tubes.”

Lopez isn’t the only one with growing resentment toward her husband. Her best friend, Leah Remini, also can’t stand him.”

As a side note, I find it interesting that Leah Remini, the fireball wife from King of Queens is JLo’s BFF. As for the rest of it goes, if Marc is really as controlling as this piece makes him out to be, I can totally see Jennifer not standing for it. She has always been a diva and I can see that being a Long Island housewife wouldn’t really be her thing. And JLo isn’t exactly known for being great in relationships either. If this story is in fact true, it’s just too bad that this time, there’s very small children that are going to get caught up in all of it as well.

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