Dennis Quaid Reaches a Settlement

I’m generally not one for celebrities who already have a ton of money to gouge people for every dime they have, as we so often see in the nasty divorces that take place in Hollywood, but when someone has harmed your children, I don’t care who you are, I hope you get every dime that […]

Kate Hudson will be single for awhile

And I for one, am glad to hear it. It’s no secret that Kate Hudson likes to have a nice piece of man-candy on her arm at all times and this year alone she has been linked to her former love, Owen Wilson, has sparked rumors that she was playing with fire with Alex Rodriguez and even […]

Do You Know Who Miley Cyrus’ Boyfriend Is?

Well his name is Justin Gaston and if you did know his name, then he’s accomplished exactly what he wanted by dating Miley Cyrus – fame. It’s not hard to see that Justin is using Miley for the spotlight that seems to constantly follow her but Miley is just a stupid kid so I actually don’t blame her for being blinded […]