It’s Official: Madge Settles for a Cool $100 Mill

This settlement figure that has come out in the final divorce details of Madonna and Guy Ritchie have me worried. In October when it came out that the two were in fact ending their marriage, Ritchie had said that he didn’t want Madonna’s money and that he would sacrifice all of it in order to be able to see his sons and share custody with their mother.Reportedly at the time, Madonna was on board with these terms and just really didn’t want Guy to get any of her fortune. But now that it’s being reported that she did in fact give Guy a huge chunk of that fortune – $100 million to be exact, I wonder if she is going to fight him on the custody issue. From Contact Music,

“MADONNA will hand ex-husband GUY RITCHIE almost $100 million (GBP67 million) to end their marriage, her spokeswoman has confirmed.
Liz Rosenberg, Madonna’s longtime representative, announced on Monday (15Dec08) that a divorce settlement has been reached and director Ritchie will receive between $76 million and $92 million (GBP50 million and GBP60 million).
The figure includes the value of the English country house and London pub they shared.
Rosenberg said in a statement, “I’d assume it’s one of the largest payouts ever in a divorce settlement.”
She revealed that custody of the couple’s sons Rocco and David has yet to be finalised – and dismissed rumours the former couple would spend Christmas together in London.
The superstar filed for divorce citing Ritchie’s “unreasonable behaviour” and was granted a quickie preliminary split on 21 November (08).”

I love how Madonna says that Ritchie had ‘unreasonable behavior’ and every time, I will go back to the contract that Ritchie had to sign in order to be granted the right to be married to that hag. I’m not talking about the actual marriage contract – I mean the contract that Madonna herself drew up and in which it specified exactly how Ritchie was expected to behave. I guess one day he decided to stop following it. How unreasonable.

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