It’s Official: Madge Settles for a Cool $100 Mill

This settlement figure that has come out in the final divorce details of Madonna and Guy Ritchie have me worried. In October when it came out that the two were in fact ending their marriage, Ritchie had said that he didn’t want Madonna’s money and that he would sacrifice all of it in order to be able to see […]

Jennifer Garner Talks about What’s Important

Jennifer Garner is one of my favorite actresses on this planet and she is also an inspiration to any woman who wants to have it all! We so often see Jen running around with her daughter Violet and although she doesn’t seem to mind the cameras, it is rare when she actually sits down and gives us […]

Naomi had her baby!

I’m always impressed with women who, minutes after birth, are talking about having more children. Although I suppose that’s even easier than mentioning it while your two-year old is throwing a tantrum. But Naomi Watts not only is familiar with tantrums thanks to her 18-month-old son Alexander, she also gave birth this past weekend to another […]