Mariah Proves Once Again She’s a Janet-Wannabe

It’s no secret that ever since she burst onto the music scene at some unfortunate time in the 1990s, Mariah Carey has done everything she could to copy Janet Jackson’s image. She wore the tight, black spandex and the big, hoop earrings and I’m sure that she would have spent much more time in choreography if she weren’t so *ahem* deficient in that area. Now Mariah seems to be taking cues from her idol once again as she plays coy with the media whether or not she’s pregnant. It began as a silly rumor and then turned more serious when she appeared on Ellen and refused to directly answer the question or take a sip of champagne. And now, a la Janet, Mariah has cancelled all of her upcoming tour dates. From Celebitchy,

“Mariah Carey’s pregnancy rumors refuse to go away as she has reportedly scrapped plans for a forthcoming tour to prepare for her first child.

Carey has been dogged by speculation she is expecting since marrying Nick Cannon earlier this year, but she frequently refuses to confirm the reports.

And the rumors were fueled after insiders told the New York Daily News that the star had pulled all plans for an upcoming string of concerts because she is pregnant.

A source tells the publication, “Costume designers and dancers were all called Wednesday and told the tour is off.

“Most were hysterically crying because they were relying on her for a paycheck this holiday season.”

However, a representative for Carey refutes the claims: “I have not been told she’s pregnant.”

Yep at a time when the economy’s tough, not even costume designers and dancers can rely on a steady paycheck. Do I think Mariah’s pregnant? I don’t know and I don’t much care. I do hate it when stars act this way with the media, and if I ever hear of Janet or Mariah complaining about the media being too intrusive, I might just snap. Whether or not either of them are pregnant, they are being complete media whores and if there’s one thing I despise about celebrities, it’s attention seeking.

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#1 tyty on 03.15.09 at 12:54 pm

Mariah Carey has NEVER tried to cop Janet jackson’s style. Mariah Carey HAS sited Janet as an inspiration. Mariah Carey is the Nbr 1 selling female artist of all time, and be frank…we don’t want her to dance, ever. We love her SELF-PENNED lyrics, her emotive songwriting, her incredible voice.

Janet Jackson while i do give her points for having an incredible “black Madonna” career. Has lost site of who she is and who her fans are. She has geared her music to the gender-bending crowd, and we all no they download music, they don’t pay. Janet forgot how to entertain, to dance, to provoke, there’s only so much sexually gay-charged music that society can take.

Advice to Janet, lose gil, his dancing is boring and you’ve been doing the same robot moves for 10 years, call Jimmy and Terry, and beg RENE to do your hair, direct your videos and start writing your songs again. Unless you follow your formula….it’s a wrap for you.

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