Does Britney want another baby? With K-Fed?

There has been talk ever since Britney Spears started to lose her mind that getting back together with Kevin Federline would be the thing to save her. And the tabloids, newspapers and magazines, have always been asking the question, ‘Will these two get back together?’ I don’t know if people just want to see parents of young kids together and happy or if there are some crazies on this planet that actually think these two are good for each other. Well Britney may be good for Kevin but he is definitely not good for her! I’m convinced that the entire situation there was part of Britney’s downfall and if my ideal world is to remain ideal, these two will never find a way back to each other.

So I can’t imagine why either of these two would think that having another child was a goodidea. Not only do the two boys they already have need a lot of time in a stable and consistent environment right now more than ever, but Britney is just beginning to get her health back…it hasn’t even been a year yet for crying out loud! However, the National Enquirer, which has proven to be an accurate celebrity source lately, has this to say,

“Britney Spears wants a baby – with her ex-husband Kevin Federline! And Britney is so determined to have another child that she’s told Kevin if he doesn’t give her one, she’ll have one with someone else, sources say. “The last thing Kevin wants to see is Britney hook up with some guy and have another baby,” revealed a close source. Britney now pays Kevin $40,000 a month to support him and their two boys.

The 27-year-old pop singer said repeatedly that she wants more children. In her recent MTV documentary “Britney: For the Record,” she declared that she intends to be married and have more babies next year.

But while Britney feels she’s ready to give the couple’s two sons Sean, 3, and Jayden, 2, a sibling, Kevin isn’t so sure, said the source. “He’s hoping her career comeback and her upcoming U.S. tour won’t allow her the time to start a family again anytime soon,” said the source.”

See, this story also just proves that Federline has got no balls whatsoever. He’s not even married to the woman anymore and he can’t just say to her, ‘I’m not giving you any more children.’ No, he has to ‘hope’ that her career takes off so fast again that she doesn’t have time to think about it. Well, if that’s his strategy, it just might work for him. Britney’s latest album, Circus, which was released on December 2, was the 5th number one selling album for Brit.

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