Does Britney want another baby? With K-Fed?

There has been talk ever since Britney Spears started to lose her mind that getting back together with Kevin Federline would be the thing to save her. And the tabloids, newspapers and magazines, have always been asking the question, ‘Will these two get back together?’ I don’t know if people just want to see parents of young […]

What do you think about Ashlee and Pete?

I don’tat all like Ashlee Simpson or Pete Wentz but I have to admit, no matter how weird or annoying I think they are, it’s clear that there is something very special about these two and that they are in fact, very much in love. Daily Blabber recently had pieces of an interview that the two had […]

Is Katie as Strong as She Thinks?

Ihave a theory about Katie Holmes. I think that she probably once was a very strong young woman who had a very clear vision of what she wanted and how she was going to do that. Along with Michelle Williams, she was one of the more talented kids on the Creek and when she broke out onto […]

Mariah Proves Once Again She’s a Janet-Wannabe

It’s no secret that ever since she burst onto the music scene at some unfortunate time in the 1990s, Mariah Carey has done everything she could to copy Janet Jackson’s image. She wore the tight, black spandex and the big, hoop earrings and I’m sure that she would have spent much more time in choreography if she […]