Anne Heche is Expecting…and a Tramp?

I normally wouldn’t couple pregnancy announcements with calling someone names and I really did like Anne Heche before her news of a bun in the oven also rehashed the old news of how, apparently, Anne Heche is a bed-hopper. This is news that I was not aware of before although I did know of her highly-publicized relationship […]

Macaulay Culkin’s Sister Killed in Car Crash

There’s certainly never a good time for a death in the family but the Culkin family will surely be having a sadder Christmas this year. Dakota Culkin, Macaulay Culkin’s sister, was tragically killed after being hit by a car in Los Angeles on Tuesday. She was taken to the UCLA hospital but died the next day due […]

The Jolie-Pitts Just Won’t Shut Up!

Honestly, people talk about Jennifer Aniston and how much they wish that she would just shut her trap but I can see why it would be so hard for her when her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, and his snaky partner, Angelina Jolie just won’t shut up about how they fell in love – and more specifically, […]