Do You Think Janet’s Preggers?

Well, if you do, you may want to clue her boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri into that fact as he was just telling US a few short days ago that his girlfriend, Janet Jackson, is not, under any circumstances pregnant. That certainly seemed to be right on with Janet’s own declarations not that long ago that she doesn’t want children just yet. So, what’s with this Life & Style issue that is shouting to the world from its front page that she definitely is pregnant? The issue states on the front cover that she is preggers and that she’s scared about becoming a mom at 42. As well as the fact that it’s questionable whether or not a baby will stop the fighting between her and Jermaine. From Life & Style,

“After a series of canceled concert dates, Janet Jackson finally pulled the plug on her Rock Witchu tour in early November, setting off a flurry of rumors about what could have gone wrong.

Now, an insider close to Janet tells Life & Style the real reason she needed to back out: She and longtime partner Jermaine Dupri, 36, are getting ready for a baby!”

I have no idea whether or not the world is about to be blessed with another little Jackson baby but I do wish that all of the ‘is she? isn’t she?’ would stop. And I think that Janet and Jermaine are much of the reason behind all of the speculation. They seem to be teasing the world with the news and then claiming that they need privacy and that they don’t want to talk about anything just yet. I personally think, even if Janet does in fact have a bun in the oven, that this issue of Life & Style has it all wrong. For starters, I never believe stories that come from an unnamed ‘inside source’ and I also don’t think that Janet and Jermaine fight so much that people need to worry if a baby will put an end to the arguing – which is just stupid to think that a child can do that anyway. I really do think that these two are quite a happy couple and if she’s pregnant, congrats to them. If she’s not, I really wish that they would just stop with all the talk and insinuations that they may be, but they’re not telling.

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#1 ellie sweazey on 08.20.10 at 12:13 pm

janetjackson please help me I’m sorry for your lost with mj I wrote a song with that is it for him and will you help my husband and I to do some songs please I love your music toooooooo please no scam I’m begging you

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