Are Drew and Jason a New Couple?

I hadn’t heard much about Drew Barrymore after her heartbreaking break-up with Justin Long this past July and after it was rumored that the split hit her so hard that she had taken back to drinking but it seems that she has been quite busy lately with what could be a new love interest. She was reportedly with Jason Segel, who plays Marshall on How I Met Your Mother, at the end of last month and the two were seen being very friendly with each other. Well, from the sounds of it, Drew was busy licking his face while he sat with a look of sheer contentment. From Contact Music,

“But Barrymore has reportedly moved on again with the How I Met Your Mother star Segel, after their pair were allegedly spotted getting cozy at Los Angeles’ Chateau Marmont on 28 November (08).
A source tells U.S. magazine Star, “Drew was all over Jason, rubbing him and kissing his face. He was on cloud nine.”

I loved Drew and Justin together and I was shocked and saddened when they broke up but the fact that she has moved on to someone as awesome as Jason Segel really does help make it better for me. He is hysterical and I can imagine that these two would be so much fun together! Whoever she’s with, I hope the ‘back on the wagon’ rumors were just that and that Drew has realized at this phase in the game that men just aren’t worth ruining your life over.

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#1 J on 12.11.08 at 3:25 am

There’s an honor only thousands have known before him. She’s such a skank.

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