Holly and Criss are Goin Public!

Holly Madison jumped right from Hugh Hefner’s bed to Criss Angel’s and because she didn’t do so very discreetly, they have maintained a fairly low-profile since she and the horny old guy broke up. But both of hers and Criss’ birthdays are coming up and they want to celebrate while shouting their love from the rooftops. You have to know that when someone who is as weird and who values shock-value as much as Criss Angel throws a birthday bash, it’s going to be H-U-G-E and this case is no different. They are doing it big at the Luxor and what are they calling it? What else? Madifreak. From Bump Shack,

“It was just announced that Holly and her magician beau Criss Angel are set to co-host a “Madifreak” Las Vegas birthday bash on December 19.

Celebrating together at LAX nightclub in the Luxor Hotel, Madison will be turning 29-years-old on December 23, while the Mindfreak magician will celebratehis 41st birthday on the actual party date.”

This couple is just too weird for my liking. These are two celebrities that are definitely on the B-list and one gets his jollies from pinning himself to an airplane with large hooks (in his bare skin) and then flying over Las Vegas while one gets her jollies from, well, getting her jollies. I really don’t care when their birthdays are or how they plan on celebrating it. But for all of those who do, there’s your Madifreak fill for the day.

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