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This whole divorce has made me realize how truly ugly of a person Madonna is. It actually pains me a little to say that because I, like so many other people, grew up looooving Madonna. I loved the fact that she represented everything my mom hated and I loved the fact that she was always so on the cutting edge that it was impossible for anyone to keep up with her. But I really can do without this Kabbalah maniac who has turned outto not only be an adulteress but also someone that is very, very greedy. We all know how angry that she was when she heard that Ritchie wanted claims to her fortune during the divorce but never once did we see her come out publicly and admit that Ritchie’s actions were admirable when he forfeited it all to share custody with their kids. I can understand not wanting to speak to the media all the time but if you’re going to talk to them about what a greedy bastard he is, you better be prepared to come out and give him credit when it’s due! But it seems that Ritchie won’t be walking away with only the hands of his small children in his own, as he reportedly got a whopping $32 million pounds and the keys to their lovely estate in London- a small price for someone who had to wake up beside Madge every day for eight years – and let’s not forget that contract that he had to review daily to make sure that he was keeping up on being a ‘good husband.’ From Minor Matters,

“Madonna has agreed to give her ex-husband 32 million pounds. He signed away his rights to half the 120 million pound fortune she accumulated during their marriage.

She will give him 12 million dollars in cash and a country estate. He will also keep his pub.

The Daily Mail reported that she they will share custody of their two sons Rocco and David, and Lourdes, who has a different father, will live with her mother in the US.”

But apparently, Madonna has found a way to get back that money – well, at least some of it. She’s claiming that an interior designer that decorated her home in The Hills took some thing else of extreme value as they were clearing out the clutter – Madonna and Guy’s wedding photos. They were never published (must have been before Madge turned out to be a sell-out) and it’s not hard to see how very pricey those pics could be today with all the news surrounding this couple. As much as I dislike Madonna, if this story is true, I really do hope that she does win the case. Wedding pictures are so extremely personal and if she didn’t want them published, she didn’t want them published. End of story. From Contact Music,

“The Mail on Sunday is facing a multimillion pound lawsuit from Madonna over its publication of her wedding photographs.

The high court in London heard today that the singer is claiming more then £5 million in damages over pictures copied “surreptitiously” by an interior designer during work at her home in Beverly Hills, California.

No photos of Madonna’s 2000 marriage to Guy Ritchie had ever been published until October 19th this year when the newspaper printed 11 pictures on its front page and in a double-page spread.

He said his client was seeking “in excess of £5 million, being the estimated value of the photographs”.

Mr Justice Eady, presiding, has entered judgement in Madonna’s favour on the issue of liability.”

And of course, who can talk about Madonna without talking about the homewrecker Alex Rodriguez who wrecked not one but two, count em two homes! Well, I guess if you’re gonna go, go big. His recent statements about his courtship with Madge actually have him denying the whole thing! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Can I just ask – what is the point now? It’s so clearly obvious that these two are sleeping together and while I’m positive that not everything written about these two is true, I’m just as positive that the fact they are sleeping together is true. From Daily Blabber,

“Alex spoke to about his recent charitable efforts, but the good men and women over there weren’t about to let the opportunity pass without getting some Madge questions in.

“We’re friends,” Alex told the mag. When asked if there was anything more, the Yankee stood firm. “We’re friends – that’s it.”

Alex did make the point of dispelling on particular rumor.

“I can tell you this, I have never been on a plane with her,” he said.”

Again, all I can say about this story is that it’s always nice when the stars provide us with a little comic relief to brighten up our day. Alex really must be as stupid as he looks!

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