Nicole Takes Parenting Advice from Britney

I am perplexed. If anybody sees Nicole Kidman with a razor in her handanytime in the near future, call the hospital and reserve a cell for her. This is way too reminiscent of Britney’s crazy days when she did stuff like take her kid out in her car without a baby seat and now, Nicole’s doing the exact same thing. The only rational reason for this could be that the car wasn’t in motion at the time. I don’t know though. Nicole has been seen as nothing but a loving, nurturing, and devoted mother since little Sunday Rose was born and I would really think that she was way too smart to be making such careless and irresponsible moves such as this one. If it is true, though, I wonder why this hasn’t been plastered across every blog, newspaper, and magazine that is out there. God only knows that Britney is still paying the price for some of her mistakes, this same thing being one of them, yet when Nicole does it we all look the other way? I have always viewed Nicole Kidman as one of the sexiest, classiest, and smartest women in Hollywood and I really can only hope that she was either just getting into or out of the car, or simply came in for a moment away from the cameras and simply was holding her baby girl. While the car was fully stopped. That’s my only hope.

Thanks to Lainey Gossip for the pic! Sunday Rose is cute whether she’s buckled up or not! (But she should be! *tsk*tsk*)

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#1 Amy on 12.05.08 at 6:10 pm

She was on her way to airport. Her husband was following her carrying all the bags & the empty carrier. Nicole chose not to use it. There’s no excuse. Why isn’t it plastered all over? Her PR people killed it. Just like they killed the story earlier this year about her bodyguard beating a photographer to a pulp. It was caught on tape & their response was “what attack”. Then we starting seeing “exclusive” photos of Kidman & the baby in London, all courtesy of Flynet, the same agency that the beaten photographer worked for. Talk about coincidence.

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