Angelina and her Damn Love for Knives!

I don’t care what you say…the Brangelina’s are messed up folks! China Daily (along with a few other sources) have been reporting that Angelina apparently likes to throw knives around when she gets mad. Well come on, don’t we all? There’s nothing like giving someone else a near-death experience to really blow off some steam. But seriously? This is the person that we’re supposed to believe is such a doting and caring mother? She’s so friggin two-faced it drives me nuts! First she is loud, obnoxious, and wears blood around her neck and everyone thinks, ‘oh cool, who’s the angry chick?’ Then she gets a little more serious about acting, gets married (or whatever), has a few kids and shows up on the covers of magazines in a white, flowing nightgown gazing adoringly into the faces of her children.

MEANWHILE she’s buying her children knives (Maddox, who is 7 has at least one), and throwing them around the house. I’d like to think she at least restrains herself from throwing when any of the kids are around but give me a break! There’s six of them, for starters so it may be hard to keep track every single second and if you get mad and throw knives, that’s what you do. I try not to swear in front ofmy kids but when I’m angry, out come the cusses. From China Daily,

“Brad Pitt has bought anger management classes for Angelina Jolie to stop her from throwing knives at him when she gets cross.

‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ actor – who raises six children with Angelina – is said to be terrified that her knife-throwing will get out of control, and is hoping his gift will help calm her down.

A source said: “Angelina has quite a temper on her and she has been known to throw a few knives around when she is angry. Angelina learnt how to throw knives for the ‘Tomb Raider’ movies. She is a practiced knife-thrower so it’s a hobby and cathartic.

“Brad is terrified Angelina will one day hit him with a knife, and cause him a serious injury or worse. Brad jokes about needing a stab-proof vest when Angelina is around!

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“That’s why he bought her these Streaming Furies classes. It’s a new relaxation technique based on breathing, meditation and Tai Chi.”
Angelina – who raises six children with Brad – is known for her fiery temper and had a famously tempestuous marriage to Billy Bob Thornton.”

This is what I mean when I say that these people are messed up. Do they think? Ever? I can totally see this story as being true…Angelina’s such a freakin little deviant anyways and Brad’s crazy to think that she’ll ever agree to go to anger management. Yeah, can you see that? Bitter, crazy, ‘I’m way too good to be here’ Jolie sitting at the back of the class with her big, stupid lips in a gigantic pout? I’d rather not picture her in any way or for any reason but this one really just isn’t coming to me.

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#1 siska on 12.14.08 at 3:39 am

ha..ha..its true she is twisted..the funny things is she want to change her image so badly..she even make brad parents come to pose with her in premiere and brad has to keep bragging about how lovely and gentle she is..he..he what a joke..her own dad tell that she is bit sick in mind..
I mean she is beautiful and seem really like her kid and great actress but she is not cool as a woman..the way she manipulate her image and lie and think its ok to grap the man she want ,even taken man (brad and billy)and do not seem remose about it..instance they bragging on in public eye..they even use their own kid..

#2 NOT A BRANGELINA FAN on 01.15.09 at 6:08 pm

We had a neighbor who used to toss around knives, axes and do other crazy things.. He was schizophrenic. But that’s the choice Brad made! Good luck living with that!

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