Finally! Sam gives Lindsay a Taste of her own medicine!

Ever since they have started dating, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have had their fair share of rumors about breaking up and one of them eyeing another. Lindsay has been rumored to be trying to woo Michael Phelps and has also been seen on countless, countless occasions throwing herself at every man that walked her […]

Nicole Takes Parenting Advice from Britney

I am perplexed. If anybody sees Nicole Kidman with a razor in her handanytime in the near future, call the hospital and reserve a cell for her. This is way too reminiscent of Britney’s crazy days when she did stuff like take her kid out in her car without a baby seat and now, Nicole’s […]

Angelina and her Damn Love for Knives!

I don’t care what you say…the Brangelina’s are messed up folks! China Daily (along with a few other sources) have been reporting that Angelina apparently likes to throw knives around when she gets mad. Well come on, don’t we all? There’s nothing like giving someone else a near-death experience to really blow off some steam. […]