The Thanksgiving Day Charade is Over!

Alex Rodriguez did spend a wee bit of time with his family this Thanksgiving but make no mistake about it. He wasn’t there much longer than to have the few photos snapped by the paps before he was running back to the withered and bony arms of Madonna. He was seen at her concert on Wednesday in Miami and not only did the once-diva sing a love song to him but he handed her a bottle of water while she was on-stage, making his appearance very known. Then the next day on Thanksgiving morning, he spent the obligatory time with his family and then headed back to Madge’s where things got very twisted indeed. If you thought the whole Madonna/Guy Ritchie/A-Rod/Cynthia story was a mess before, enter Gwyneth Paltrow and the man with whom she is having a torrid affair. By the way, Gwyn is Madge’s BFF. From Gay Socialites,

“That night, Alex and Madonna were spotted partying with bachelor billionaire Jeff Soffer and his new affair Gwyneth Paltrow. While A-Rod is shacking up with Madonna this weekend, Jeff and Gwyn are evidently getting cozy over at his place fueling rumors that Paltrow is splitting from hubby Chris Martin.”

There’s just nothing about this story that is right! I don’t understand why the big charade with A-Rod’s family on Thursday, when clearly they were only being sandwiched between his time with Madonna. Andy why would Cynthia ever just sit back and let that happen? Oh it’s okay if you just come for an hour or two and then leave me and the kids to go be with your mistress. I know that they’ve already been divorced but really, why allow yourself to be photographed as one big happy family when you know he’s looking at his watch the whole time? And then this whole Paltrow thing comes out of nowhere! It will definitely be interesting to hear more on that! It doesn’t seem as though it will take long. This whole thing has gotten so incredibly messy and ridiculous and no one seems to have any shame when it comes to exposing their own deep, dark secrets.

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#1 AER on 11.29.08 at 3:43 pm

There are pictures on abother website of Gwyneth Paltrow in England having Thanksgiving at a friends house. How was she on 2 continents at the same time?

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