Prison Break star victim of Break-In

I can’t think of any show on television show that has me as glued to my television every week for one full hour as Prison Break does. From the very first show, there has just been something about it that just really well, includes a little of everything. One of those ‘little of everything’s’ is Amaury Nolasco, who plays hottie ex-convict Fernando Sucre. One of the best things about his character on the show that he really is just a do-gooder who always wants to do the right thing and just like so many other nice guys, along with his good spirit comes just a bit of naivety. It seems that Amaury may have at least a little something in common with his character, Fernando as he was recently the victim of a break-in (yep, it’s ironic!) and whether or not someone stole his computer or if Amaury’s just worried that a hacker may get in, I’m not sure, but I guess there were some naughty pics of his girlfriend on his hard drive. Because that’s where all stars should keep their bedroom photos lying around. This from Contact Music,

“PRISON BREAK star AMAURY NOLASCO is worried thieves might hack into his laptop computer and find sexy pictures of his actress girlfriend JENNIFER MORRISON.
The actor was the victim of burglars, who broke into trailers on the set of the TV drama and stole valuables – and now he fears his House star girlfriend’s body could be plastered all over the Internet.
A source tells In Touch magazine, “Amaury is worried sick about the computer. He has some sexy pictures of his girlfriend… He hopes the thieves don’t know how to hack into a computer.”

So I’m not sure whether the thieves actually have the computer in their hands but there are definitely a few things to be learned here. 1.) If you absolutely have to have naked pictures…never mind, you don’t. Don’t take naked pictures! 2.) If you do take the pictures and are worried that they will fall into ill-intended hands, don’t tell the world about the pictures! Yeah, ya might want to keep it on the down-low until you more about who it was that broke in and whether or not they actually have your computer. If they didn’t, why would it be so easy to hack in, assuming that Nolasco is smart enough to have the necessary protection.

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