Jen and John are Chuggin Along

Lord knows that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have dealt with a lot of crap from the media during their on-again/off-again relationship but it seems that the bright lights and constant microphones in the face aren’t enough to deter this couple from really trying to make it work and set aside all the other crap to just really be together and in love. Yep, that’s right. I think this may be an ‘It’ for Jen. John I still have my doubts about but he did recently invite his girlfriend to come home and meet his parents while spending the Thanksgiving holiday with them. Well blogs were ablaze when John met Courtney Cox, Jen’s BFF so imagine what these stories will do! I can just imagine John and his entire family dodging flashbulbs around the turkey. This is what Fametastic had to say about the rumored get-away and what it means for the couple,

“Jennifer Aniston is reportedly spending Thanksgiving with boyfriend John Mayer’s family in Boston, suggesting their relationship is very much back on track.

The couple dated for around six months from February to August this year before splitting after John realised it wasn’t working and he didn’t want to “waste somebody’s time if something’s not right“. However, they reconciled in October, with John determined to make a go of things this time.

A source close to the couple claims Jennifer has already introduced the singer to her dad John and previously estranged mum Nancy, and now John is returning the gesture: “He knows his mom worries about things, particularly the stuff she reads about it being a sham relationship.

“He wants to take Jen home to show his mom how much they’re in love.”

Jen has also recently been reported to introduce John to both of her parents, which the same inside source said in the interview, Jen had been hesitant to do in the past because she had gotten so close to Brad’s family. I imagine something like a divorce would haunt you for your entire life and comparisons would always be there. It’s nice to see though that Jen realizes that not everything is always the same and sometimes you have to give a little to get a lot in return. I think there’s no doubt she’s still a tiny bit screwed up about her former marriage and even if I didnt’ like John at the beginning of this relationship, if he gets Jen out of her funk, he’s okay by me.

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