Cobie Smulders is Expecting!!

How I Met Your Mother seems to be one of those shows that everybody watches but nobody talks about it. Whenever it does come up in conversation, people then usually have all of their favorite characters and storylines but there’s one that we may just have to be on the lookout for as Cobie Smulders, […]

Prison Break star victim of Break-In

I can’t think of any show on television show that has me as glued to my television every week for one full hour as Prison Break does. From the very first show, there has just been something about it that just really well, includes a little of everything. One of those ‘little of everything’s’ is […]

Jen and John are Chuggin Along

Lord knows that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have dealt with a lot of crap from the media during their on-again/off-again relationship but it seems that the bright lights and constant microphones in the face aren’t enough to deter this couple from really trying to make it work and set aside all the other crap […]