Christina Talks about Max

Although it was really just a few short months ago that we were looking at her first baby pics, it seems like forever since Christina Aguilera has said anything about little Max. And usually, when she did, it was far too much information such as how she loved breastfeeding because her boobs were so big. But Contact Music has an interview with her where she talks about plain ol’ mom stuff such as how her little baby is on his way to taking his first big steps. From Contact Music,

“CHRISTINA AGUILERA’s 10-month-old son MAX is a fast developer – he’s close to taking his very first steps.
The proud pop star mum and her husband Jordan Bratman are watching Max like a hawk as he struggles to stay on his feet, so they don’t miss the milestone.
Aguilera says, “He is so close to walking now, it’s crazy.
“He is a mover and shaker. He is constantly moving, constantly banging on things. I don’t know what that means; maybe he is a drummer in the making, I don’t know. He is just so much fun and I have the best time with him. Every single day is a way for me to see life through brand new eyes. It really is an incredible thing for me every day.”

It’s nice to hear Christina speak and not have just complete crap fall out of her mouth. Her performance at the American Music Awards on Sunday was incredible. It was a bit skanky for my liking, what with her lingerie wardrobe and all, but just watching her made me exhausted! She’s got so much energy and her medley of past and new stuff was so long, I really had no idea how she kept going. Maybe it’s all the energy she gets from watching her boobs grow. Either way, she did look and sound awesome at the show but it’s nice to hear her just talking about regular mom stuff too. It’s so rare that we see her and don’t automatically think’trash.’

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