Angelina Buys her Good Name

Gasp! Not! This is not at all that shocking. Angelina Jolie lives her life the way she wants, not caring who she hurts and only wanting to get her way but she doesn’t want you to know that. Instead, she puts all kinds of time into good deeds for those in far away country and becomes an ambassador of the UN…all in the name of world peace, don’t ya know? And then it comes out after all this time, that she’s still that trashy girl that we saw in Girl, Interrupted and that this ‘new image’ of Angie’s is all the best that money can buy. From Pop Sugar,

“On Thursday, the New York Times ran a pretty unflattering piece about Angelina Jolie and her calculating way of leveraging coverage of herself.
The article asserts that she struck a deal with People: baby photos in exchange for a $14 million donation the Jolie-Pitt foundation and a promise of favorable coverage of all of Angelina’s charity work around the world. The article also says Angelina got away from unflattering coverage post Brad and Jen’s split by taking a trip to Pakistan and making sure the media picked that up instead. It paints her as a conniving manipulator going so far as to set up photo ops playing with Maddox and tip off the paparazzi. There’s a lot more in the article as well as denials from Angelina’s people and People magazine.”

The fact that this is the New York Times that ran this story and not ‘an anonymous source’ leads me to believe that this story is true. Well, that and the fact that I’ve known all along that Jolie’s a fake. And of course her people are going to deny it! And of course People is going to deny it! Nobody wants to admit that you have to buy a good name, or that you’re willing to sell one! Ha ha, Angie! The jig is up!

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