Kelly Osbourne’s an Idiot

I do think that 23 is a little young to get married, especially when you live in the bright lights of Hollywood and everything is so ironically clouded anyway. But when your fiance is only 18, that’s a much bigger issue! But Kelly Osbourne’s an idiot so of course she doesn’t see anything wrong with the situation she’s gotten herself into. Osbourne and her new fiance, Luke Worrall have both recently announced that they were engaged. And how did they break the huge news to the world? The way all young couples of today do – via their Facebook pages. From Toronto Fashion Monitor,

“Kelly Osbourne is engaged to her model boyfriend, Luke Worrall — or so says his Facebook page.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Luke updated his status to read “engaged to Kelly Osbourne.”

Kelly, 23, has been dating Luke, 18, for about six months. And according to Los Angeles Times, the daughter of rocker Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne has actually been wearing a ring on her wedding finger since September.”

Worrall has also recently said in an interview that he asked Kelly’s dad, megastar Ozzy Osbourne before he popped the big question and that it was a ‘frightening experience.’ Yeah, I bet that would be! And what was Ozzy doing giving his blessing? Perhaps he knew that Kelly would do what she wanted anyway or maybe we can just chalk this one up to the fact that it’s the Osbourne’s and they’re not the sanest bunch. I think that was just a formality anyways on the part of Worrall as apparently he only asked 2 weeks ago but Kelly’s been wearing a wedding ring since September.

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