Sneak Peeks from Brit’s Documentary

Britney Spears has a lot of things to say and she has created her own documentary, For the Record, to do just that. When it first came out that she was releasing the film, Britney said that she wanted to set a lot of things straight that had been said about her and she wanted […]

Kelly Osbourne’s an Idiot

I do think that 23 is a little young to get married, especially when you live in the bright lights of Hollywood and everything is so ironically clouded anyway. But when your fiance is only 18, that’s a much bigger issue! But Kelly Osbourne’s an idiot so of course she doesn’t see anything wrong with […]

There May be Trouble for Lindsay and Sam

Who knows if it was the fact that they kept their oh-so-obvious relationship a secret for months or if it was the fact thatthey seemed like such an unlikely pair, or that it was the ‘coming out’ for Lindsay, Lohan and Samantha Ronson were one of those couples that you just thought were destined to […]

Ashlee and Pete FINALLY Had Their Baby!