Paris and Benji are Finished!

It seems that we get to follow the many loves of Paris Hilton once again as she has broken up with her most current boyfriend-turned-ex, Benji Madden. I guess the Good Charlotte bandmember was just too controlling for dear Paris. I guess it wouldn’t take much, since she’s probably never been given any boundaries of any kind in her whole entire life. From FOXNews,

“The hotel heiress hasn’t been seen with the “Good Charlotte” rocker for over a week, and both have been hitting up Hollywood hotspots separately, sparking speculation that they’d entered splitsville. A source close to the couple told Tarts that the star-studded duo is pretty much kaput.

Reps for the couple did not respond to a request for comment.

So went wrong between the joined-at-the-lip twosome? It seems that Hilton and Madden recently sealed a rumored six-figure deal to swing by Australia on New Year’s Eve to attend the launch party for a new social online networking system, Bongo Virus. Paris is booked to be the host of the bash, while Benji is set to do the spinning.

According to an insider associated with the Australian company, Prince William may have had plans to meet up with Paris to ring in the New Year, having spent quite some time with her while she’s been filming her “My BFF” show in London.”

Benji supposedly took the split pretty hard, begging Paris for another chance but how can one compete with a prince? There have been rumors floating around that Paris and Prince William had been becoming quite good friends and it’s very possible that she has her eyes on royalty but I think it would take a bit more to break this couple up than just a good looking guy who also has a silver spoon in his mouth. I have to say that I loved Benji and Paris together and the relationship really did seem to make Paris a better person in that she seemed to have gotten out of the downward spiral that her life was taking, what with the drunk driving and all. But if this Prince William thing is going to actually happen, she’s gotta know that the Royal Family won’t stand for that kind of behavior either. Can you imagine if all three of them end up at the New Years’ bash in Australia? AWKWARD!

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#1 Patrick on 11.23.08 at 5:02 pm

not surprising at all that they broke up, Benji isn’t famous enough for Paris

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