Madonna Will Sell Her Kids

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#1 gumball on 11.25.08 at 6:19 pm

She’s a stupid controlling bitch that could care less about her kids. She sees a young married man with kids and he says she’s cute and all hell breaks loose, she can’t be married anymore and will dump hubby to get this guy who probably is fearful this old hag will want to marry him.? Why is she breaking loose? Change of life? Yep. Because Guy doesn’t obey and worship her and spoke to her frankly like a man, a husband, said no and she hated that honesty and any true closeness. She has so much hate, envy, misery and remorse in her for all does, as she labors for money, but can’t stop herself from fighting for any fame and attention. Too bad she missed maturity, dignity, class and caring in her personal life.

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