Madonna Will Sell Her Kids

Okay, she’s not actually selling them, she would just rather hang on to her money than have full custody of her kids, which she claimed to have so desperately wanted. Guy Ritchie is willing to forfeit all of his rights to any of her money in exchange for a joint custody agreement. I don’t think joint custody is that much to ask anyway, as Guy doesn’t seem to pose a threat to her children but you know Madonna, she wants it all and doesn’t want anybody else to have anything. CelebTV reported back in October that she would allow her children to see their dad as long as he follows the 12 rules that she set in place for them while they’re across the pond with their father. Some of these rules included not putting man-made clothing on the children and making sure that the only water that they drink is Kabbalah water. Puh-leaze! That list is just ridiculous and I wonder if Guy broke the tablets they were written on when he made this new agreement. It also remains unknown whether or not the kids will live in London with Guy or move back to the States with Madge, as she had originally intended. One thing is known and that’s that Guy won’t see a dime from the pop diva – which is all she really cares about, I’m sure. From Contact Music,

“The pop superstar is rumoured to be planning to leave England and return to her native U.S. with their children – eight-year-old son Rocco, adopted tot David Banda, three, and Madonna’s 12-year-old daughter, Lourdes, from a previous relationship.
But Ritchie is said to be keen to see his young family remain in Britain.
Now the estranged pair is said to have reached a compromise in the ongoing custody battle – meaning Ritchie will walk away from the eight-year marriage without a financial settlement, according to London newspaper The Evening Standard.
A source tells the publication, “It will all be over by the end of the month. I am sure it will be announced by then. The priority for him has always been the children. Ritchie has not wanted any of her money. Ritchie could have taken her to the cleaners. It takes a very honourable man to have walked away. “

So yes, this is actually more of “Guy’s such a good person” story rather than a “Madonna’s so awful” story but I think both points have been made clear. I am happy that Guy stepped up and did what he had to do to see his children but I really did want to see Madonna lose it all. She’s so concerned with the almighty buck that seeing all of it jump from her pocketbook to Ritchie’s would really be very satisfying for me.

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#1 gumball on 11.25.08 at 6:19 pm

She’s a stupid controlling bitch that could care less about her kids. She sees a young married man with kids and he says she’s cute and all hell breaks loose, she can’t be married anymore and will dump hubby to get this guy who probably is fearful this old hag will want to marry him.? Why is she breaking loose? Change of life? Yep. Because Guy doesn’t obey and worship her and spoke to her frankly like a man, a husband, said no and she hated that honesty and any true closeness. She has so much hate, envy, misery and remorse in her for all does, as she labors for money, but can’t stop herself from fighting for any fame and attention. Too bad she missed maturity, dignity, class and caring in her personal life.

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