Ashlee Simpson’s Baby Watch

Ashlee Simpson has got to be overdue with that baby she’s been carrying around for 9+ months. Like, way, way overdue. This pregnancy just seems to be going on forever! There was talk that Ashlee was going to be induced but that doesn’t seem to be the case as Pete Wentz, her dear husband, recently missed a gig at MTV to be with his preggers wife. Well I guess so! She’s so big now that she probably can’t even make it out of bed! The Gossip Girls caught up with him as he left her for a moment to go catch up on some shopping and they also had words from his bandmate, who was at the MTV event and talked about missing his bandmate. From the Gossip Girls,

“At the MTV Total Finale Live shindig this past Sunday (which Pete missed to be with Simpson) Fall Out Boy vocalist/guitarist Patrick Stump told press, “I’m not spilling anything. As far as I know, there’s no baby yet. But still, there’s a very pregnant woman, so he definitely needs to be there. It was a mutual thing, though I miss the crud out of him. I wish he were here.”

Okay, so I understand that it would suck to not have your whole band present but really, what kind of guy talks about ‘missing the crud’ out of another guy? That’s just weird to me. What’s even weirder though is Pete’s look. I really wish he would ditch the skinny jeans because they just look absurd on him and he just in general has very, very bad fashion sense. And the stone-wash or acid-wash or whatever that is, is NOT back in style…someone should clue him in. I guess that’s what he and Ashlee initially bonded over as she aslo usually trots around in some particularly awful wardrobe choices. Hopefully Ashlee will hurry up and have that baby so that we can stop talking about these two!

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