Reese Talks about Custody, Kids & Marriage

Reese Witherspoon has handled her divorce from Ryan Phillipe with nothing but class and elegance, even though he is a sleazeball, because that’s just who Reese is. She has always presented herself as a very mature and level-headed woman and just seems like someone who every girl can relate to. After her divorce, she didn’t talk about the reason for the split (even though we all know why that happened!) and when Ryan publicly came out as dating his homewrecker girlfriend, Reese kept mum on the subject, because it’s just so beneath her to try and reach their low levels. But now Witherspoon has opened up to People a tiny bit about what it’s like being a divorced mom, the custody issues that go with it, and her thoughts on remarrying. From People,

“I think the most important thing is to be a grownup,” she says, “and not let any kind of feelings affect how you deal with your children.”

For the mother-of-two – who finalized her divorce from Ryan Phillippe in June – that means having “a lot of communication” with her ex-husband and “just being very open.”

“I’m very lucky in that we raise our kids to just be happy,” the actress, 32, said Sunday in Beverly Hills while promoting her film Four Christmases – a comedy that focuses on the challenges of blended families. “I think the most important thing is the children. What do they want, what makes them feel comfortable?”

“When I first held my baby, Ava, [that] was the first time I’d ever held a baby in my life,” she said. “So I understand that sort of fear or not being a good mom. It took me a long time to feel really comfortable in the role of being a mother.” (In addition to Ava, now 9, Witherspoon and Phillippe also have a son, Deacon, 5.)

As for marriage, “I [had] a certain idea what I thought marriage gives,” says the actress – who’s now dating Jake Gyllenhaal, 27. But “sometimes it doesn’t work out that way so you have to be open to whatever comes your way in life. … Love and relationships take all kinds of shapes and it’s not necessarily the ones you recognize.”

So, would she ever get married again? “I don’t know,” she says, laughing. “I don’t think about it much.”

The fact that she was scared to death about holding her newborn baby girl just makes her even more real than she was to begin with. I think, whether you’ve ever held a baby before or not, every parent has those fears when their child has just been born and it’s just another reason for fans to connect with her. And even though she does talk about how her marriage didn’t work out, she doesn’t give nitty gritty details or drag Ryan’s name through the mud. She instead talks about how she only wants to do what’s best for the kids. And isn’t that what every mother should do? It’s so nice to see that some celebrity moms think that too! There’s no doubt about it, Reese is nothing but class!

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