Get Ready for a Cat Fight!

It seems as though both Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez want to test the wrath of Madonna. The two were both at the same huge event, the opening of the Fontainebleu Hotel in Miami and they, well at least Kate, was hoping to take things to a whole new level. From the sounds of it, she was getting just a little too friendly with A-Rod and even though Madge had sent ‘people’ to protect her man from any such thing, they simply weren’t enough to keep the blonde bombshell Hudson away. Oh, things are about to turn REALLY ugly! I don’t even understand why Madonna had to send her girlfriend to keep an eye on Rodriguez. I guess those rumors about her being a control freak really are true. But still, it’s just so twisted that if Alex knew what he was doing, he would run, run, run, as fast as he can! From the Chicago Tribune,

“Madonna may have had her lady police in full force in Miami on Friday, but that didn’t stop Alex Rodriguez from doing some serious flirting at the Miami opening of the Fontainebleau Hotel with none other than the much younger, even blonder Kate Hudson.

Rodriguez paid his dues with Madonna’s best girlfriend, Gwyneth Paltrow, on Friday afternoon, having a quiet lunch with her at the hotel’s Italian eatery Scarpetta. Pal Ingrid Casares was dispatched for duty after sundown to keep the Yankee slugger shielded from the constant flow of Miami floozies. But Madonna’s girl could do little to ward off tablemate Hudson’s charms.

“Hudson had her arms completely wrapped around A-Rod’s waist and every time he leaned over to talk to anyone she would pull him back toward her,” a person on the scene told the New York Daily News.”

Yep, these are the prime makings of a cat fight! There was a point in time when I would have really thought that Hudson would be no match for Madonna. Remember when the Material Girl really was toned and buff and looking super hot? But now that Madonna has become a withered shell of her former self, I totally think Kate could kick her ass. And I’d love to see it! You go, Kate! Steal that man from right under her nose! Just beware of any Kabbalah hexes, curses, or chants that come your way!

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