Minnie May be Crazy

Minnie Driver gave birth to her son Henry about two seconds ago and she has said that she already wants to have another one! I love Minnie but really, is she on something? Henry is a mere two months old and she told Ellen DeGeneres when she appeared on the talk show host’s show on Friday that not only does she want another one but that the memory of labor has already started to wear off! Among this news that she is ready for another baby, Driver also joked with DeGeneres about the massive size of her child and Ellen, as always, had funny gifts to go along with it. From People,

“I’d have another one,” the actress told Ellen DeGeneres on her show that is set to air Friday.

Driver gave birth to a son, Henry, in September. “It only kicks in after you have really forgotten [labor]. I’ve only just managed to look at the pictures of the birth,” Driver said. “I only looked at a few pictures and they do make you kind of go, ‘Owwww! Ouch!’, but then I look at him. I want another one of them.”

But Henry, who weighed in at 9 lbs., 12 oz. when he was born, was too big for his Halloween Pumpkin costume. “On the back there was just this huge triangle where his diaper showed because we couldn’t close it,” Driver explained.

DeGeneres gave Driver a couple of different-sized onesies that acknowledged Henry’s heft. Both items said: “I may be BIG but my Mom is Minnie.”

Driver still has not released the name of her baby daddy so it seems that we might never know, unless Daddy is shown toting Henry about town as he gets a little bigger (or hopefully, just older from the sounds of it!) Speaking from experience, I think we can expect to see Minnie soon losing her mind if she goes through with another pregnancy so quickly after the birth of her first child. Not that it’s not fun, but there’s definitely no hope of keeping your sanity when you have two very small children under the age of 2.

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