Wanda Sykes is Black, Gay, Married & Proud

If you’ve ever seen the show The New Adventures of Old Christine, then you know just how funny Wanda Sykes is. She is the crack-up that always puts Christine in her place and has a smart-ass answer for just about everything anyone has to say. The current season began with Christine and Barb (the character […]

Beyonce Makes a Classy Move

I have to say that I have never been a big fan of Beyonce Knowles. I’ve never really liked her style, her music has always seemed sub-par to me and every time I would see her, she just seemed like such a diva to me that I just stopped paying attention to her altogether. Imagine […]

Minnie May be Crazy

Minnie Driver gave birth to her son Henry about two seconds ago and she has said that she already wants to have another one! I love Minnie but really, is she on something? Henry is a mere two months old and she told Ellen DeGeneres when she appeared on the talk show host’s show on […]