An Update on Diaz

Cameron Diaz has been keeping a pretty low profile since reports came out one day that she was dating P. Diddy and then almost the next there were stories that she was dating Paul Sculfor, a little-known actor who from what I can tell has only been in two TV episodes and both times he played himself. He is actually more known for being the ex of Jennifer Aniston and for now being the newest love interest of the There’s Something About Mary star. When it first came out that the two were dating, the obligatorymarriage rumors also came with it but Cameron has made it clear that she is not ready to exchange vows with anyone just yet. She is however, ready to meet Paul’s mom, and she will soon be flying to England to do just that. From New Chatter,

“The actress will fly to England to meet her boyfriend’s mom. Paul Sculfor, the actress’ boyfriend thinks his mom will like Cameron very much. Even though the couple are extremely happy together, they will not be getting married anytime soon. Paul had this to say: “You know, we’re having fun. She has openly said she does not want marriage, so we’re coasting.”

I’m glad that Cameron isn’t jumping on the marriage bandwagon. I like to see people take their time, figure stuff out, and get to know each other and with all the secret weddings and impromptu ceremonies that seem to take place among the folks of Tinseltown, this is actuallyquite refreshing to see.

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