They Make it Too Easy!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are such idiots, it’s almost as though they want the entire world to hate them. Apparently, the child-collecting couple are upset about the interview that Jennifer Aniston recently did with Vogue. I posted on the interview when it first came out and although the interview was filled with much more […]

Scott Wolfe will Soon be a Daddy!

Every time I look at Scott Wolfe, I can’t help but see Bailey on Party of Five that I absolutely fell in love with. But now he’s all growed up and he’s no longer playing an alcoholic or Sarah’s on-again/off-again boyfriend but he’s still just as cute! Scott has just announced that he and his […]

Surprising Words from Elton John

I don’t think there’s any man in the world gayer than Elton John and I say that with all the love in the world for the man. One would think that with all of the hot talk going on right now about Proposition 8 and the ban on same-sex marriage in California, that Elton would […]