This is weird, right?

So after the son, Jayden James, of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline was admitted into the hospital after suffering from an allergic reaction, he was released shortly after and there was talk that his father, K-Fed, was going to be flying to Louisiana to be with his sons and ex-wife, Britney. It turns out though that upon hearing of his son’s release, he decided it wasn’t worth the trip after all and stayed right where he was. He did however, get his lawyer to issue a statement about the whole ordeal. Okay, so that’s weird.

It’s weird because, Federline wasn’t even there! He had no way of knowing what was said, what treatments were given to his son – because he wasn’t there. So he was going on what Britney, the child’s mother, was telling him. So I would think that if anybody should be releasing a statement, it should be Britney, or her lawyer. Seeing as how she was there and all. Not only that but this statement from Federline’s lawyer makes it sound as though Britney and her family should be thankful that no one will be looking into the matter any further. I know a lot of stuff has been Britney’s fault but I certainly don’t think this was. This is the statement from Celebrity Baby Scoop,

“I think that whatever it is, a food allergy or some other case, we don’t know yet,” Kaplan told E!. “We’re pleased that someone was aware enough to see that he was having some sort of reaction and do what was necessary to make sure there were no chances taken and got Jayden to the appropriate facility and got the appropriate evaluation to be timely.”

“We’re not going to jump to conclusions right now. I don’t anticipate there being a hearing,” Kaplan said. “I anticipate that Kevin and Britney as concerned parents will exchange information and satisfy themselves that what happened was a freak occurrence and do what they have to do to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.”

“Kevin was considering going to Louisiana, but the information that we had was Jayden was already checked out,” Kaplan explained. “The kids will be back with Kevin shortly, not yet.”

So this whole entire thing seems weird to me, right from the beginning of the statement where it sounds as though Kaplan is talking so coldly about the fact that the boy’s family, including his mother, was there and saw it all happening and that they were able to ‘do what was necessary.’ I don’t understand why this statement was necessary and I think it makes Federline look like a bigger idiot than he already was.

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