Suspect in Hudson Case About to Walk

Not only does it seem incredibly wrong that William Balfour, the man who is suspected of killing Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother, and nephew, may just be set back free on the streets again as soon as tomorrow but it also seems as though this release comes on the heels of a reported confession. Apparently, Balfour told his girlfriend exactly what he was going to do and it was she who told police what he had said his plans were. From TMZ,

“William Balfour — the only suspect in the Hudson triple murder case — allegedly told his current girlfriend he was involved in the murders of Hudson’s mother and brother, according to sources at the Chicago Tribune.

Balfour’s girlfriend in turn told police what he told her. The Tribune also cites sources saying Balfour “acknowledged being at Hudson’s Englewood home” on the morning Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother were shot to death inside, and Jen’s nephew was abducted and later killed.

These are incredible statements considering William — who has not been charged with a crime — could be released tomorrow morning pending a decision by the Illinois Prisoner Review Board on whether he violated the terms of his parole.”

I suppose we can only pray that the courts do the right thing and find that he has in fact violated his parole -even though he hasn’t officially been found guilty of committing these heinous crimes. It would be nice to see him go away for a very long time not only to make him pay for what he has done but to also possibly provide what little peace can be taken for Jennifer Hudson and her family. The last heard on Jennifer was that she is still in hiding due to the fact that it’s believed that Balfour killed her family members in order to get to her. Apparently, she is staying in a hotel in an undisclosed location. There’s no hope for this story to have a fair ending but the best hope one can have is for the story to have an ending soon, so the family may find peace and begin to move forward.

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