Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty Land in Splitsville

Some relationships are just too hot to hold onto and some are just destined for failure because it contains two not-very-good people. Both seem to be the case when talking about Balthazar Getty and Sienna Miller, who made headlines this past summer as two super-hot homewreckers who were screwing around on Getty’s wife, Rosetta, until the high publicity forced Getty to announce that the two were getting separated. From The Inquisitr,

“Sienna Miller has confirmed that she is single again saying she is completely happy with that. This means that her relationship with Brothers and Sisters star Balthazar Getty, is officially over.

Sienna said at the Hollywood Dominoes VIP Launch in London on Friday, “It’s nice not to have a relationship that the press constantly want to scrutinize and discuss. I’m cool with being on my own.”

Miller’s much publicized relationship with Getty came to the world’s attention when Getty, who was married at the time was photographed in July kissing a topless Sienna on a boat off the coast of Italy.”

There seem to be many different reasons for the split, including the high media attention and the fact that Sienna wanted the happy couple to live in London while Getty insisted that he needed to stay in the States, close to his four boys. It’s also rumored that Miller wanted Getty to get a divorce and that he refused to but I have trouble swallowing that one on the simple grounds that he’s already separated from her. Whatever the reason is, this is one more point for the good guys of the world as we see that what goes around comes around and that people always seem to get theirs. I don’t think many people wanted this relationship to work out and will be happy that it didn’t.

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