Shape Up? How About Grow Up?!

Charlie Sheen is just like that guy we all knew going through high school – he’s good looking, he’s charming, he’s arrogant as hell, and he thinks that the world is his champagne glass here for him to drink from it. Everyone knows that he has gone through his own life leaving some of it rather tainted and I think the general public had even started to like him. He’s married now…not to a psycho this time…he’s got kids and more on the way…It seemed as though his troubled past was finally behind him and he may actually be starting to think like a grown up and settle down. But sadly, this is not the case.

Brooke Mueller, Charlie’s new wifey and the Two and a Half Men star have just recently come out announcing that not only are they expecting but it’s to be twins, and with the help of a few scientific advancements they will most likely be boys. So what better time is there than to fly to Las Vegas for a good old-fashioned weekend hangin with the boys and getting lapdances?! Yep, Charlie Sheen sickens me and this is why. From Celebrity Dirty Laundry,

“Star magazine is reporting that bad boy & reformed playboy Charlie Sheen fled to Las Vegas on Oct. 25 to blow off steam — leaving his wife who is preggers at home. Apparently, he certainly wasn’t looking like a married man with twin sons on the way as he surrounded himself with pretty young women, partied with Spin City costar Michael Boatman at Privé and got lap dances at the strip club Spearmint Rhino. I guess a leopard does not change his spots! “He’s still carrying on and boozing,” a source tells Star.

His weekend away from Brooke did more harm than good for his marriage. When she got wind of what Charlie was up to in Las Vegas, “she went off the deep end,” and told Charlie to either Shape Up or GET OUT!”

Now, I’m fairly liberal in my thinking when it comes to married men and strip clubs. I don’t think that they are forbidden places and by simply thinking of entering one, a man has already cheated on his wife. I do however, don’t feel that it is necessary for a married man to be getting lapdances at strip clubs and I don’t think it’s necessary to go to a strip club at all when you’re wife is at home growing babies. The nine months of pregnancy are a special form of punishment for a woman and the husband needs to be by her side taking care of her whenever he possibly can. And good Lord, what was he thinking pissing off a pregnant woman?!? Not smart, Charlie. Not smart at all.

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