Pamela’s Kids Pay for her Past

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee are just about one of the most messed up couples in all of Hollywood. They were married, they were divorced, they were just living together recently…and in between all of it, they had two sons in the mix. It’s funny how when selfish people do stupid things, they don’t realize that it could one day come back to bite them in the butt but it’s even funnier when celebrities do them – because then it always comes back to bite them in the butt. But I’d be laughing a little bit harder if the people that were paying the price weren’t their kids, Brandon and Dylan.

As Pamela and Tommy’s kids grow older and their friends and fellow students at school start to learn about the past of their parents, that has been broadcasted for the whole world to know, those same friends have started making fun of the boys, mainly for the sex tape that their parents created during their honeymoon. From Celebitchy,

“Pamela Anderson says her wild past is starting to come back to haunt her and her children. The former Baywatch babe – who has two sons with ex-husband Tommy Lee – says her boys are being teased by their classmates over her colorful past and her sex tape shame with their father.

She says, “They’re starting to get to that age where they are defending mommy.

“Brandon was upset yesterday because some kids said some things at school. Kids can be so mean but I knew this would come.

“I just explained that we are good people and we’ve never done anything to hurt anyone. I just want them to enjoy school and enjoy life.

“They’ve seen a lot in their little lives but they’re great kids.”

I think it’s terrible that any child has to ‘defend Mommy’ and this should prove to Pamela that all of her stupid actions truly do have consequences. I’ve questioned many of her parenting moves, including taking the boys to the Playboy Mansion every Easter as a nice family tradition. She’s also talked in the past about how they have questioned her appearance in ‘Uncle Hef’s’ magazine, where she posed completely nude. Nice. There’s no doubt that these kids already have a tough road to hoe ahead of them but couldn’t the parents at least try to shelter them from it a little bit? I’m glad that they’re good people and don’t try to hurt anyone but I think Pam is hurting her kids far more than she knows.

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