David Duchovny and his Marriage on the Mend

It seems as though the split that happened between David Duchovny and his wife, Tea Leoni, may become null and void after all. It was only late last month that the two announced that they were getting a divorce, after David’s release from a sexual addiction rehab center. When that story was announced, David’s tennis coach was being blamed for the marriage falling apart. Apparently David had been getting a few extra lessons on the side. So whether that relationship dissolved as well or whether something else is going on, this is what Digital Spy has to say about it,

“David Duchovny and Téa Leoni have reportedly reconciled their marriage.

The pair were allegedly spotted looking “very mellow and relaxed” while taking their children trick-or-treating in New York’s Upper East Side over Hallowe’en, sparking rumours that they are back together.

“They were very cute and were holding hands,” a source told the New York Post.”

Now I don’t know that going trick-or-treating together constitutes a deep meaningul relationship or reconcilation. Perhaps they were just trying to appear loving for the sake of their children or maybe they really have discovered that there is no one else for either one of them but each other. I guess we’ll have to wait and see as no one from either camps has issued any kind of statement.

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