Carnie Wilson Pregnant Again!

I’ve always been a big fan of Carnie Wilson and have admired the way she dealt with her struggle with weight and her fabulous vocal chords. The former Wilson Phillips band member already has a 3-year-old daughter, Lola Sofia Bonfiglio with her husband, Rob Bonfiglio and she says that she’s expecting in June. Maybe my math is off but that seems to me like she’s announcing before the big ‘3 Month Mark,’ when many people wait to announce the big news. It seems odd, especially for a celebrity but here’s a sweet interview she had brought to her by Celebrity Baby Scoop,

On how she told her husband: “I couldn’t get a hold of Rob because he was playing a jazz gig. I taped the pregnancy test to the front door and drew a picture of little stick figures of Daddy, Mommy, Lola and then a little tiny one. I jumped out of bed at midnight and went into the kitchen and I see him holding the stick. He took me in his arms and goes, “Here we go again, honey.” He was happy.”

On her hopes for the pregnancy: “I can’t stop thinking about twins! My sister had twins; my grandmother was a twin and my grandmother’s aunt had twins. I had my first ultrasound and we only saw one sac, but it’s not confirmed that it’s not two because one could be hiding in back of the other…. We’ll see!”

On if she expected to get pregnant so quickly after losing the weight: “I did, actually. We had sex before, during and after ovulation. I was really keeping track of it, and it worked. Also, my body is so healthy now. I think we might have conceived to “She’s Leaving Home” by The Beatles!You’ve said you’re hoping for a boy.”

It seems odd to me the way that some people treat pregnancy test sticks, as though they’re not actually things that you have peed on when actually they are. And I don’t know why celebrities think that it’s necessary to reveal the intimate details about their sex life. You can’t say something like, ‘Well, we really wanted another baby and so we tried really hard.’ No, instead, give us all the details of when you had sex. It’s just not necessary.

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#1 Teresa on 11.10.08 at 12:06 pm

I just saw on TMZ that she lost the weight doing the YRG Workout with Diamond Dallas Page. She looks Great!

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