Blake is Released and Amy’s a No-Show

It’s hard when you’ve ruined your body so badly that you can’t even make it out of bed to go get your husband from jail. Such was the case with Amy Winehouse, as her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil was released from jail today in England. Amy was apparently not feeling up to going to see her hubby. From Celebrity Dirty Laundry,

“Amy Winehouse’s hubby lowlife Blake Fielder-Civil was released from Edmunds Hill Prison in Suffolk, England today. Amy was nowhere to be seen when he left jail for the first time in 12 months. Amy remained at home resting she is recovering from treatment for a “chest infection”
Blake certainly looked happy as he left prison this morning. However, he looked a bit worse for wear showing a chipped front tooth and red scratches down his arms. Rather than be free to roam the streets Blake “is not passing go, is not collecting his $100″ he is going straight to a rehab facility as part of the terms of his release.”

One can only hope that Amy is hot on his heels on the way to rehab but it’s probably best that they don’t go to the same facility – the drug situation doesn’t seem to get better when they’re together. When are these two going to put an end to this miserable chapter in their lives and just get divorced? They’re so very obviously not good for each other and even though they may proclaim that they’re in love, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that when you’re hooked on drugs, you’re not going to get off the hook when you’re with someone who’s hooked on drugs! I can only hope that good sense will come to them soon but it’s hard to see clearly through the smoke from the crack pipe.

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#1 Shana on 11.06.08 at 5:11 am

I truly believe that these two will never get better. They will most likely die together of a drug overdose or some other drug related health issue. Rehab is a waste of time for some people and these two are a prime example. For god’s sakes she wrote a song about how she’s not going to rehab. They’re lost causes and we should leave them to continue killing themselves. They’re doing a good job at it thus far and they will successfully complete the job someday soon.

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